Friday, July 1, 2011


I downloaded a new country album yesterday and listened to it on the way back from the grocery store. The titles of some of the songs intrigued me -Toothbrush, Camouflage and some others so I got the whole album. Towards the end of the album was Life's Railway to Heaven. The title was different than I remembered so I wasn't expecting that when it came on I would suddenly in the kitchen of my childhood home and Mom was singing "Life is like a mountain railway, with an engineer that's brave...." It was one of those memories from the past that blindsides you, you can feel the tears forming. Mom was blessed with an unshakable love for God, but not with a voice that would have been considered good enough for church choirs. Yet I remember she sang hymns while she did dishes or cleaned, mostly when she thought no one was around. I stop and think what an example it was that she focused on God even doing trivial tasks.

I feel like I tend to focus on God for the "big" things, my husband's eye surgery, the kids safety, the couple at church struggling with health, finances and an autistic child, all of the things that seem big enough to bother God with. Yet to truly walk with God I need to focus on him all the time treating Him like a friend sharing the good and not just the bad. To be walking so close that I praise Him even while doing dishes. Focused on God so that like the song says we "never faultier, never fail".

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